Ice hockey equipment for sale

About The Equipment

Rapid Shot

Rapidshot is a patented hockey training system that automatically passes and collects pucks. There are 8 pass speeds and intervals for all skill levels to train snap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timers. RapidShot is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time, leading the way in hockey skills training and analytics.

Skating Treadmill

Belt Wax System - applied by pushing a button on the controller (Only specified wax may be used). *New Standard. Belt/Deck/Roller System (quiet, no adjustment required) *New Standard. Patent pending. 3/8" thick usable skating surface, offering the leading thickness on the market and providing longer wear. Aluminum frame and sub-frame unfinished (finished available by quote). Harness support system constructed with 2" round galvanized tube with adjustable, round tube handlebars. Standard system incorporates a side-to-side track with one trolly. 6' (72") x 5' 10" (70") skating surface. 4' (48") stickhandling deck. Speed: 18 MPH. Speed Control Dial: 0 - 20. Amp Meter. Two Hardwired E-Stops

Synthetic Ice

The speed and performance is unmatched in the industry. One of the biggest differences noticed on the KwikRink ice is in backwards skating and transitioning. Because of other synthetic ice surfaces resistance, you will slow down as you transition, and backwards skating does not feel as natural. On KwikRink, this drag or resistance is dramatically decreased. KwikRink is changing the perceptions of current industry limitations. The most common consumer complaints in the industry have to do with; surface glide, backwards skating and transitioning, and oily panels.

The Specifications

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • 2 full size NHL approved nets
  • 2 full size non-NHL approved nets
  • 2 mini nets
  • 2 1X6FT shinny nets
  • Blackstone skate sharpener

Smaller RInk

The rink is 37X25FT. It has backer board that is flush against the wall. It also has a yellow botttom with a blue line in the the middle of the boards to give you the look of a real rink. 

This is lightly used hockey equipment for sale. Ice hockey equipment for sale.

Larger Rink

The rink is 75X40FT. It has portable boards that can sit by themselves, be filled with water, or be bolted to the ground. This rink also has the yellow on the bottom, blue in the middle on the lip and glass on top.

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A preview of the equipment being used.